When a new baby enters a family, the new mom can be very overwhelmed – so much to learn and know and do for this little one.

That’s what makes Adele Enersen’s new book about her new baby all the more amazing. “When My Baby Dreams” is a photographic masterpiece from the brilliant mind of this new mother.  When her baby Mila was born, Ms. Enersen started a blog of whimsical photos to share with her family and friends. The creative genius that went into creating the photographs resulted in a blog that was visited by millions of admirers around the world.

The author dresses her baby in colorful clothing (before she puts her down for her nap, of course), and then positions her in a wonderful world of textures and toys and household objects all arranged to create a theme.  It is fanciful, whimsical and perfectly precious!

This book would make a perfect baby shower gift