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Tales from Baby Book Baskets — kidlit

How (and why) I Decided to Write Children's Books

baby books children's books childrens books kid's books kidlit literacy newborns parenting

   Back in the days before the Internet, people had to rely on each other for information.  As co-owner of a children’s-only bookstore, there were many opportunities for parents who frequented Once Upon A Time to share stories, tips and advice on parenting.  The store served as a kind of community center, as we held countless story hours, activity sessions and author/illustrator appearances. We even had a section of the store with books that were dedicated to special issues – these could be anything from adjusting to a new sibling, to potty training, to going from a crib to a...

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Children’s Book Creator “Par Excellence”: Todd Parr

books children's books illustrators kid's books kidlit Todd Parr

  I am a huge Todd Parr fan.  He is the author/illustrator of more than 30 books for children, and when you see one you know it – it is unmistakably Todd Parr! All of his books sound like they could have been written by a child.  All of his books look like they could have been illustrated by a child.  And I mean this all as the highest possible compliment! As children do, Todd Parr speaks from the heart.  His language is direct and clear and the best example of why less is more.  His drawings are bright and...

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When a baby dreams

books children's books illustrators kid's books kidlit

  When a new baby enters a family, the new mom can be very overwhelmed – so much to learn and know and do for this little one. That’s what makes Adele Enersen’s new book about her new baby all the more amazing. “When My Baby Dreams” is a photographic masterpiece from the brilliant mind of this new mother.  When her baby Mila was born, Ms. Enersen started a blog of whimsical photos to share with her family and friends. The creative genius that went into creating the photographs resulted in a blog that was visited by millions of admirers...

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Curious George and Me

books children's books Curious George kid's books kidlit literacy Margret Rey

  Life has a funny way of gently nudging us in different directions… When I was a junior in college, Margret Rey was appointed as a professor of creative writing at Brandeis University.  I knew she was the creator of the classic Curious George books and thought it would be fascinating to meet her. As an English major who was devoted to Creative Writing, I earned the honor of being chosen for an independent study with her.  That meant that every week, the three of us – Margret, her dog and I – would tuck ourselves away in her office...

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