Children’s Book Creator “Par Excellence”: Todd Parr


I am a huge Todd Parr fan.  He is the author/illustrator of more than 30 books for children, and when you see one you know it – it is unmistakably Todd Parr!

All of his books sound like they could have been written by a child.  All of his books look like they could have been illustrated by a child.  And I mean this all as the highest possible compliment!

As children do, Todd Parr speaks from the heart.  His language is direct and clear and the best example of why less is more.  His drawings are bright and bold and for lack of a better word…lovable.  And he practices what he preaches.  The Earth Book (which includes a Go Green poster) is printed on recycled paper with non-toxic soy inks.

And he addresses issues that need to be addressed.  It’s Okay to be Different reassures kids that being different – whether it means having freckles or curly hair or wearing glasses – means being unique and special.  The Family Book redefines the traditional definition of a family because, as the book states:

Some families have two moms or two dads, 

Some families have one parent instead of two, 

All families like to celebrate special days together!

There is no right and wrong here – just total acceptance of the world and its inhabitants.  

All of Todd Parr’s books are the perfect vehicle to promote dialogue – between parent and child or teacher and child.  And when it comes to books for children, they are way above par!

A complete list of all Todd’s titles and more information can be found at

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